Political Correctness started off as a ‘mad’ joke, now it’s a vicious social cancer threatening western civilization’s very foundations. Free speech is in a perilous state when you can’t even point out simple biological differences between men and women without losing your job (ask Google’s James Damore!).

According to Canadian clinical psychologist, Professor Jordan B. Peterson, the root philosophy underlying today’s Postmodern tyranny is Marxism. He states that:

“Postmodernism is the new skin the old Marxism now inhabits.”

Here’s Peterson’s argument.

Marxism’s Failure

Inspired by empathy for a downtrodden proletariat as well as resentment of the wealthy industrialists of capitalist economies, Marxism had long been popular at western universities.

However, by the ’60s all communist regimes were failing economically, and their appalling human rights’ records were becoming clear. The murderous death count from Mao’s China and Stalin’s Russia far outstripped even what the Nazis (masters of evil) ‘achieved’.

Even sympathetic western intellectuals could see that Marxism was discredited and the gig was up. If communism was dying, Marxism, as a fashionable position to hold, was dead.

The Rise of the Postmodernists

French thinkers like Jacques Derrida and Michel Foucault, who questioned the objectivity of truth, became enormously popular on US campuses in the 1960s and ’70s.

These new postmodernists rejected the modernist belief in scientific certainty and fusty old terms like ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. Instead they discussed everything in terms of POWER relationships. Basically they were more Marxist than the Marxists themselves.

Where Marxism sees everything as a specific economic battle between workers and capitalists, Postmodernism takes it a step back and sees only struggles between oppressed and oppressors.

It could be white people against black, women against men, heterosexuals against transsexuals, or anything really. The only constant is that the enemy oppressor is usually drawn from the same group – white Christian Anglo-Americans.

Postmodernists use emotive rhetoric to showcase their compassion for the downtrodden, but Peterson claims they are only interested in the one reality they believe in – power, and the acquisition of it.

In order to achieve power, they are openly aware they must defeat the white Christians. They want to destroy everything our people have built!

SJW Tactics and Free Speech

Peterson says that the putative political goal of postmodernism is EQUITY, which means equality of outcome. For example, an SJW (Social Justice Warrior) examines the demographic balance at a certain company and finds that there are far more men than women.

This outrage is attributed to conscious or unconscious misogyny. A new quota of 50-50 is demanded. The company relents. A new complaint is made about the lack of black women. “Bigotry!”. “Racism!”. They relent. And on and on until the company’s output is ruined.

While the accusing Postmodernist SJW has acquired authority and prestige, everyone else is too terrified to complain. When someone does speak out, they are instantly pressurized into resigning, which is taken as a sign of guilt, and nothing changes.

Everyone else lives in fear. Speech is limited. Thinking is prevented. And truth vanishes.

What Peterson Advises: A 4-Step Plan

Peterson says that what we need to do is exactly what most people want.

1. Accept that people can and do differ not because of racial or gender oppression, but because of biological factors.

2. Allow the market to decide who is the best person for a job.

3. Let people practice good truthful thinking by giving them the freedom to express themselves publicly without fear of reprisals.

4. Most of all, Peterson advises that we take the fight to the postmodernists.

He is sure that they will turn tail and run when they see how strong we are. The problem today is that too many classical liberals and conservatives are not fighting. Let’s hope they start soon!